- Doing documents, executing customs declarations procedures for imports, export (including full, LCL, FCL cargo with all types: business, investing, investment with tax, temporary import and re-export, processing, import materials for production export, sampling, non-trade goods and goods at the bonded warehouse ... etc.).

- Customs declaration and package management of processing contract for businesses on the exports (up from set up processing contract, list of equipment imported, list of materials and accessories imported, record of import declaration forms, production norms, record of export declaration forms, account customs records for processing contract and electronic customs decleration to customs agencies).

- Liquidation procedures to tax of raw materials for exported production.

- Package implementation of import-export procedures for producers under the industrial zone, export processing zones.

- Especially executing procedure for obtaining the list of equipment to create fixed assets for import tax exemption, confirmation of synchronous line of equipment for all investment projects.

- On behalf of the enterprise performing electronic customs declaration, transferring data to the customs agencies, the enterprise do not need to buy software and mobilize personnel.

<<Usually product declared customs: agriculture product ( tapioca starch/chips,wood,fabrics,yarn,metal,fetilizer,used machinery...)>>